Awnex’s Bolt-On Implementation Commitment is at the core of all our services. It permeates through our design, engineering, project management, manufacturing and installation and is integral to the success of every project.

Awnex Design

Consistent brand visualization is paramount in the industries we serve such as QSR, Entertainment, Life Centers, Shopping Malls and Centers. Our expert design team brings 25+ years of experience and skills to each project providing the desired architectural element form, function and aesthetic look while fusing within the branding effort. Our team works hand in hand with our clients’ designers, architects and construction teams to create the distinguished look that is so necessary for relevance in the highly competitive retail and QSR markets. National corporations partner with AWNEX utilizing our expertise in creating manufacturing and construction worthy solutions for new construction as well as remodels. This is our approach for as few as ten (10) to hundreds (100’s) of stores per year.

Awnex Engineering

Dedicated in-house engineering enables AWNEX to provide support and direction in all areas of implementing Bolt-On™ architectural elements. Our process often includes local code compliance review and engineering for different soil and weather environments, while maintaining a consistent brand image. Essential to our engineering effort is our penchant for mitigating risk through the elimination of implementation complexities that increase time and cost. We also provide Engineer’s Seal, “Stamped Drawings” from registered structural engineers, alleviating liability for all stakeholders. Awnex engineers are AIA, LEEDs certified.

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Project Management

Awnex’s Project Management services incorporate the unique applications of knowledge, skills, tools and technology to implement the intended look and program requirements according to our Speed-to-Revenue product delivery model. Awnex’s Project Management becomes the clearing point with the Job Site, Manufacturing and Installation to deliver the specified product(s) ON-TIME & IN-BUDGET. Our typical turn-time is four weeks from approved order.

Awnex Manufacturing

Awnex’s manufacturing operation is co-located with design, engineering, Project Management and Installation under one roof in a fully integrated Synchronous Flow™ manufacturing system located in the metro Atlanta area. Our system economically produces one store or hundreds efficiently, while maintaining our customers brand image. Awnex’s exclusive Bolt-On systems utilize proprietary extrusions made of 100% Aluminum that are light weight, do not rust and are environmentally friendly. Most Awnex products are also 100% Recyclable.

Awnex Turnkey Installation

One of the major factors in AWNEX’s customer satisfaction is our focus on total implementation—design through installation. In order to meet our clients’ expectations, we evaluate every aspect of the process up to and including ease of installation for our teams and others. Our highly trained and experienced crews travel throughout the country using the latest equipment and exclusive Bolt-On™engineered attachment methods, ensuring that the final step is up to the standards of each of the preceding ones. National demand for our installation service is executed through our ACIP program (Awnex Certified Installation Partners), a National Network of approved installation teams. Each implementation is thoroughly debriefed and shared as part of our commitment to Continuous Improvement.

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Due to the very nature of Awnex products, they required little to no maintenance throughout their expected life. Should some maintenance be required, your project records are maintained so that repair and replacement components are readily available.

Awnex Best Practices

  • Design: Expert review of solution and relevance to desired intent and overall implementation
  • Engineering: Applicability to building and task, overall implementation ability
  • Project Management: Suitability of products to deliver on-time, in-budget, to specification
  • Manufacturing: Relevance to rapid throughput MFG processes, equipment, raw materials
  • Installation: Install ability as related to time, accessibility to building, utilization of readily available equipment and talent. Installation debrief shared with all.
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