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Architectural Elements as Branding

Retail chains are shifting their exterior branding spend to Bolt-On™ Architectural Elements, potentially dodging code signage battles while imaging more economically short and long term. Here are some key essentials to consider in your exterior branding mission. The need for branding your building A consistent look helps strengthen your brand. Exterior branding only works if the shapes and colors are easily associated with that brand name. Retail chain stores & restauran

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Tips on Managing or Eliminating Critical Dimensions

When designing your “Bolt-On” architectural elements, the best systems are those that can be built straight from construction drawings. On the other hand, traditional approaches often require actual field verification. The challenge with today’s fast and furious construction timelines is that there simply is not enough time to manufacture the system from when you can get reliable field measurements to when you want to install the product. On the contrary, if the suppl

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Steel vs Aluminum—Which One is the Best for My Business Case?

Steel vs. Aluminum—which one is the best for my business case? Aluminum is today’s favored material due to its unique ability to be formed into endless shapes, inherent strength, light weight, environmental friendliness, ability to hold finishes and its versatility to be incorporated into easily changeable Bolt-On™ units. Aluminum is more flexible than steel in many ways. Aluminum architectural products can be placed anywhere on a building, serving both purposes of f

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