Awnex is leading the architectural metals industry with forward-thinking technology and sustainability.

In order to simplify the design process for our architect partners, we make available the drawings and specs for all the standard products we offer for each of our corporate clients, in PDF and CAD formats, right here on our site.

The Phoenix Trellis is our open frame canopy system that provides sun and rain protection with optional in-fill panels.

Seattle canopies are a unique system with innovative flexibility to provide rain protection.

Awnex - Architectural Canopies - Meta Stone Design - Seattle, Washington

The Colorado system is intended to provide protective covering from sun or rain and is a canopy system with a soffit paneled bottom that can accept can lights.

The Caribbean System provides functional shade and has commercial grade aluminum extrusion construction, powder coated finishes, and is highly adaptable to different surfaces.

The Tuscany System provides a protective covering for outdoor patio spaces and it can accept multiple styles of infill panels in order to provide sun or rain protection.

Awnex Featured Project - Aluminum Pergola - First Watch - McKinney, Texas

A Hollywood Sunscreen is an effective system that is perfect for obscuring rooftop equipment, or as a decorative wall panel for added curb appeal.

Awnex Featured Project -Architectural Aluminum Wall Screens - Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists - Houston, Texas

The California System is our line of outside patio area accessories that consists of decorative fencing, screens, tables, benches and planter boxes.

The Dallas System is a collection of several large drive-thru enhancement covers that protect customers and associates while elevating the overall experience.

The Atlanta series of drive thru products offers easy access, informative signage, and lighted coverage so that your patrons are protected from the elements.