Here at Awnex we value our company culture. When we have positions available we are looking for people with strong work ethic, dedication and passion for excellence, and a desire to grow and learn within the manufacturing industry. If you are interested in joining the Awnex family, see the available positions below. Please reach out to with any questions or to submit your resume directly, or use the links below to apply via

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Available Positions

The Awnex Project Manager has the responsibility and accountability to ensure Awnex delivers as promised; on time and within budget. It’s a multi-disciplined role where the PM applies lessons learned, to keep a project on track for the customer and Awnex. Successful PM’s promote client involvement and have above average communication and organization skills.

Principle Responsibilities Include
• Coordinate and lead assigned projects ensuring day-to-day assignments are complete
• Monitor and manage project resources
• Develop, coordinate and implement tasks associated with each project
• Monitor and manage customer expectations
• Maintain organized files and record keeping
• Promote company’s values and principles
• Communicate the company’s vision

• Strong verbal and written communication skills
• Organized and can-do attitude
• Planning, negotiation and time management
• Competency in MS Office
• Ability to read construction drawings (Blue Prints)
• Construction knowledge preferred

Duties – Specific to each area of responsibility
• Project Coordination
o Ensure day-to-day assignments associated with each job are complete and timely
o Coordinate with sales and engineering to ensure all required project information is documented
o Work with engineering department to get completed shop drawings and to help understand plans and specs for clear interpretations of project
o Gather all appropriate information for submittal package and send out to customers
o Keep track of color samples, color charts, etc. to ensure adequate samples are always readily available
• Manage Project Resources
o Ensure project materials are consistent with agreed upon material specs
o Monitor labor expenditures vs. budget
o Keep track of project deadlines and preliminary schedules
o Monitor jobsite installations and subcontractors
o Submit progress billings and closeout documentation
o Maintain day-to-day contact with the stakeholders providing updates pertaining to the project
o Maintain accurate and up-to-date logs, track responses and advise appropriate departments
o Communicate project deadlines and timeframes with production control
• Manage Customer Expectations
o Ensure prompt deliverables and timelines on all projects
o Maintain positive relationships with all customers and assist them with issues or concerns
o Act as a liaison with general contractors in expediting drawings and related information
• Product Knowledge
o Understand the products and services provided
o Familiarize yourself with specifications and blueprints
o Analyze, interpret and compare detailed and often inadequate information
o Make reliable, accurate and confident conclusions based on this knowledge

• Microsoft Office – Level 4
• Understanding of fabrication – Level 4
• Understanding of construction – Level 4
• Organization – Level 4
• Planning – Level 4
• Product knowledge – Level 4
• Quick Base – Level 4
• Strong verbal communication – Level 5
• Strong written communication – Level 5
• Negotiation – Level 3
• Leadership – Level 4

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email to, or use the form below:

  • Please list any/all positions listed above that you are applying for.
  • Upload your resume, or download our employment application and upload the completed application.

Thank you for your interest in employment with Awnex,Inc. All applications received will be reviewed and evaluated . We will be in contact if you meet the qualifications needed for the position. Thank you for taking time to submit your application and resume.

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