Chick-fil-A was looking to upgrade their drive-thrus with what is being called the “Drive-Thru Experience” in the quick serve industry.  We had been working with Chick-fil-A for years already when they approached us about this ambitious new project to create an 11 foot projection canopy running the full length of the drive-thru side of their buildings.

Their aim: to create a brand new Drive-thru experience for the customer, including car-side service by Chick-fil-A customer service agents.

Their problem: keeping their customers and car-side employees dry in the rain and shaded and cool on hot days.

Awnex’s team of engineers worked with Chick-fil-A to bring them the solution resulting in a canopy fully supported by heavy duty tie back support rods on the outside of the building, and steel construction within the wall to support the weight on the upper and lower brackets.  The result was an 11 foot projection canopy mounted to the wall, with no support posts, and able to have lights and fans mounted underneath to create this new “Drive-thru Experience” that is sweeping the quick serve market!

Awnex is excited to be pioneering this new wave in the drive-thru service market, as Chick-fil-A has expanded our service region with them so we can provide these canopies in their new remodels.  Additionally, Awnex and Chick-fil-A are currently working on a multi-lane canopy system (supported by posts) for future dual-lane drive thru experiences in the works.


Irene is the Project Manager for our Chick-fil-A account (as well as Pizza Hut, all Garrett Company projects, and more) and has worked directly with Chick-fil-A every step of the way as they expand into this new Drive-Thru experience.  Her patience and installation expertise has been an asset to Awnex and the Chick-fil-A account as she works hand-in-hand with the project coordinators at Chick-fil-A and the General Contractors and Site Superintendents on each project. Her hard work and dedication has helped to make this ambitious canopy project a reality.