A Hollywood Screen is an effective system for obscuring rooftop equipment, or as a decorative wall panel for added curb appeal on any property.

These aluminum constructed screens are offered with multiple cladding options and can be applied in multiple orientations and angles to achieve a custom appearance. A Hollywood Screen is a great finishing touch.


Improving your architectural look is easy with the Hollywood Wall Panels. Choose from our standard designs or let us create a custom solution to fit your properties’ theme.


Hollywood Roof Screens can wrap around unsightly heating systems and generators on the roof of your building, hiding them from view and adding a decorative element to your building.

Wall Screens

Decorate your walls with our beautifully designed Wall Screens. Choose from one of our standard designs or create your own custom look.

Green Screens

Green Screens are a great way to transform your space with living art. Our screens are designed to help plants grow up the wall to liven up any area.

Privacy Screens

Sectioning off a room is easy with our Privacy Screens. Put these in any area to instantly transform and organize the space. 

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