Paint Production Manager

Here at Awnex we value our company culture. When we have positions available we are looking for people with strong work ethic, dedication and passion for excellence, and a desire to grow and learn within the manufacturing industry. If you are interested in joining the Awnex family, see the available positions below. Please reach out to with any questions or to submit your resume directly.

AWNEX manufactures and installs awnings, canopies, signs and other Bolt-On architectural elements that provide both branding and protection, while elevating the customer’s experience. We are dedicated to the pursuit of perfection in the quality of our organization and the products and services we provide!

We are looking to add a skilled Quality Control Inspector to our team. The principle responsibilities of this role will be to carry out quality assessment measures on incoming raw materials, in process and final inspections prior to shipment.

 Principal Responsibilities: 

  • Ensure that the Wet Paint and Powder Coating operation is running efficiently. 
  • Manage schedule of all paint departments. 
  • Maintain personnel, quality and safety programs. 
  • Ensuring adequate levels of materials and supplies related to paint operations. 
  • Ensure adequate plant and equipment needs to reduce downtime. 
  • Communicate with COO all budget needs. 
  • Ensure we use good housekeeping practices. 
  • Promote the company’s values & principles. 
  • Communicate the company vision. 

Duties: Specific to each area of responsibility 

  • Business Processes and Planning 
    • Continually look at the business process for improvement. 
    • Document any changes with written procedures. 
    • Ensure implementation of growth planning. 
    • Submit budget requests to COO, when necessary. 
    • Submit quarterly budget needs to COO for approval. 
  • Management 
    • Work with HR to ensure department is staffed based on upcoming volumes. 
    • Ensure that all direct reports performance reviews are completed on time. 
    • Provide guidance and leadership to your department. 
  • Quality Control and Safety 
    • Communicate and ensure execution of the company’s Q.C. and Safety Programs. 
    • Troubleshoot / Resolve paint, chemistry and powder issues. 
    • Research questions about all paint applications. 
    • Assist in troubleshooting, solving and communicating quality issues. 
    • Ensure all Q.C. and Safety procedures and documentation is updated and communicated to the Quality Control Coordinator when necessary. 
  • Direct Labor 
    • Act as liaison between HR and staff 
    • Keep track of production volume vs. production capacity. 
    • Ensure production scheduling is done to best utilize production capacity in the most efficient way, but be flexible as dates change and priorities shift. 
    • Review and correct time regularly and finalize weekly. 
    • Be prepared to step into any role in the paint department as workload demands. 
    • Supervise shop floor regularly to ensure quality and efficiency of operation. 
    • Be knowledgeable about products and parts to ensure they are received and finished properly. 
    • Adjust direct labor levels as necessary. 
  • Reporting 
    • Monitor weekly throughput. 
    • Ensure department schedules are up-to-date and viewable at any given moment via QuickBase. 
    • Assist in writing policies and procedures to ensure that best practices of the company are being documented. 
  • Purchasing 
    • Order hardware, powder, supplies, etc. (if required) 
    • Receive purchase orders in Quickbase and organize inventory in shop. (when required)
    • Work with accounting to ensure vendors receive timely payments. (if required) 
  • Inventory 
    • Monitor inventory for mistakes, negatives and correct as needed.
    • Execute cycle counts weekly with help from department staff. Enter results into Quickbase.
    • Calculate paint usage per job and assign it in Quickbase for accurate costing and inventory. 
  • Plant & Equipment 
    • Make plant and equipment recommendations based on the sales projections provided.
    • Maintain current and expected department layouts.
    • Plan and execute any building improvements needed.
    • Maintain and Document Equipment Maintenance Schedules. 
  • House Keeping 
    • Ensure that good Housekeeping practices are part of the company culture.
    • Maintain scheduled Housekeeping duties. 
  • Company Vision, Values and Principles 
    • Take opportunities to promote the company’s Values and Principles.
    • Periodically remind the employees of the company vision. 


  • Must be able to lift 75lbs 
  • Must be able to pass pre-employment drug test and background check. 

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