Checkers - Lithonia 1


Checkers is our newest account, and when they wanted a look that maintained their already very recognizable style, we were thrilled to take part!

The iconic Checkers look is the black and white checkerboard, accented by mirror finish trim with glowing red LED strips around the entire facade.   While they are going with the more modern look of sharp corners and straight lines, the recognizable theme remains strong with the large winged canopies stretching out from the building supported by thick red round posts and wrapped in our mirror finish stainless steel fascia.  As more Quick Serve restaurants are exploring the larger projection canopies, Checkers was already there, known for their wing-like canopies swooping out on either side over the drive thrus and walk-up order points.

The Lithonia, Georgia location is just one of several that Awnex has provided the stainless steel fascia for, working together with Checkers to maintain and modernize their recognizable and iconic appearance.  We look forward to a continued partnership and working with Checkers/Rallys on more projects in the years to come!


Cody Dalluge

Cody was already handling our McDonald’s account for a couple years when Checkers came on the scene.  Taking up the reigns on another fast food giant was no small task, but one Cody rose to excellently.  He is currently working with Checkers on projects in Tampa, FL and Pine Bluff, AR.