Panda Express Kilgore TX


Panda Express approached us with their fresh new design, with modern wood accents and eye-catching up and down lighting. They wanted a continuous canopy look all around their building, and were concerned about the placement of tie back supports around their sign elements.

We suggested a customized version of our Phoenix Canopy System. This system allowed them to have rain pans over the entryways for water management, and air foil inserts over windows to shade from the sun, lowering their cooling costs. For the rest of the building, simple open trellis designs completed the wrap-around look they were going for.

To address their tie-back concerns, we worked directly with Panda Restaurant Groups’ architects to ensure we would be able to place the tie backs around their signs, without losing any of the support needed to keep the canopies in place, regardless of whether the restaurant would be in a high wind zone such as Florida, or a heavy snow load zone such as Michigan.

The results of our efforts, and our partnership with Panda Express, is a sleek modern look with a contemporary Asian influence in the rich wood accents, and a continuous canopy that wraps around the building, putting water or sun management where needed, and cutting down costs with the open trellis design everywhere else. The results speak for themselves.


Mark Williams

Mark began his career at Awnex as the Installation manager in September 2011. Due to his background in the commercial construction field, Mark started managing certain larger projects.  In July, 2015 Mark also took on the role as Director of Project Management.  Mark also manages major construction projects like outlet malls, Air Force Base renovations, etc… as well as certain corporate accounts like Panda Express, Hooters, Thornton’s and Floor & Décor.