“The Big Chicken” located in Marietta, GA was a passion project for Awnex and it kicked-off our lasting relationship with KFC and YUM! brands moving forward.  Partnering with our sister company, Identity Wood Products, Awnex provided the canopies and wood siding for the Big Chicken project.  It would pave the way for other similar project locations such as the remodel in Harrisburg, and was the first instances of Awnex using our Identity Wood Products sister-company in providing wood accents for the drive-thru speaker cover and under our Colorado canopy system.

This hometown southern charm restaurant was just the first of many future warm wood-accented projects that Awnex and KFC would do together.  The result is a unique look that sets KFC apart, giving it a southern cooking flair of a quality restaurant location.  Identity Wood Products was able to provide wood siding in a variety of colors, from the vibrant red and white of the KFC brand, to the multiple shades of rich brown natural wood, but with a strong composite material that will withstand the elements and hold up over time.

Awnex developed several elements for this and future projects, customizing our standard Speaker Covers, Clearance Bars and our Colorado Soffit Canopy system to use the Identity Wood Products material, and to have a unique look specifically for KFC.  The results speak for themselves in this iconic Georgia location.  We at Awnex were excited and proud to work on such a local treasure here in the Atlanta Georgia area.


Sadie Levine

Sadie took on the Kentucky Fried Chicken account when she joined the Awnex team in 2016. Since then she has overseen many new KFC projects including flagship locations.